Holistic Dentistry: Three Major Risks of Consuming Too Much Fluoride

Holistic Dentistry: Three Major Risks of Consuming Too Much Fluoride

Ever since fluoride was introduced to drinking water sources back in the 1940s, fluoridation has been a constant source of controversy. Although there are many people who support the act, there are also many people in San Diego and Encinitas who oppose drinking water fluoridation.

Many medical experts claim that fluoride aids in the remineralization of teeth, which helps prevent the formation of cavities. Many studies support this claim, although there are many other reports that warn people about the dangers of fluoride. Holistic dentistry experts often remind people that fluoride on its own is a highly poisonous compound.

Fluoride is “most effective” when it is topically applied to the teeth. Ingesting fluoride, on the other hand, offers very little benefits because of minimal exposure to the teeth. In fact, ingesting fluoridated products may increase your risk of the following:


Fluorosis is a condition that affects permanent teeth when too much fluoride is consumed on a regular basis, especially during the first eight years of life. The condition discolors permanent teeth heavily, and may bring about self-esteem issues in your children. Fluorosis is notoriously difficult to treat. The condition itself is not life-threatening, but can often be an indicator that fluoride poisoning may have affected other bones and organs throughout the body.

Kidney Disorders

Like most other substances, the body whisks away excess fluoride from the rest of the body and deposits it in the kidneys for disposal via urination. Unfortunately, this means that fluoride can build-up to dangerous levels in the kidney over the course of a lifetime. To make matters worse, those who already have kidney disorders face a significant risk of fluoride toxicity.


Pain and stiffness in the joints are often attributed to arthritis—and with good reason. However, several studies have reported that these two symptoms are also common among those who consume fluoride excessively. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges that too much fluoride can have such an effect.

If you would like to prevent cavities, it’s best to start adopting better oral hygiene and health habits rather than relying on a risky solution such as fluoridation. Aside from proper brushing and flossing, you should definitely see a trusted holistic dentist, such as Dr. Marvin Pantangco, at least once every six months for regular cleaning. Similarly, your dentist can help you choose non-fluoridated toothpaste for your everyday use. 


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