Natural Dentists Demystify Biocompatibility for Confused Patients

Natural Dentists Demystify Biocompatibility for Confused Patients

Natural dentists frequently discuss the importance of biocompatibility, but if you’re unsure what it means, you aren’t alone. There are compelling reasons for taking note of what it means and its importance.

What is Biocompatibility?

Biocompatibility refers to products or materials well-suited to your body as a whole—those that work in harmony with bodily functions, rather than in conflict with them. It’s generally thought that each individual’s body is introduced to materials that prove more compatible with their system than other composites, many of which cause irritations. Ideally, Encinitas dentists and those throughout California will want to use materials that are safe for your body, no matter how old you are or the nature of your dental concern.

Because everyone is different, natural dentists have now developed methods of testing biocompatibility so that they can effectively treat individuals.

How is Biocompatibility Tested?

There are many tests for biocompatibility, a concept that is relatively modern and discovering new technology all the time. In general, three tests can be used by reputable dentists to determine your biocompatibility with products.

Electrodermal testing, applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and blood-serum testing are the ways natural dentists use to test patients for biocompatibility. Some tests may be better suited to people than others, which is why it’s vital to conduct a consultation with a reputable dentist in Encinitas before committing to any treatment plans.

Traditional Products Which Aren’t Biocompatible

Do you have any silver fillings in your mouth? Did you have traditional braces as a child or when you were older? Neither of these things should ever have been put inside your mouth. Metals put significant strain on the teeth and can cause root shrinkage or enamel damage, while the mercury found inside silver fillings could be poisoning your body through vapor inhalation.

Over-the-counter, tooth-whitening products also cause sensitivity due to the harsh chemicals inside. A natural dentist will be able to further advise you on products that aren’t biocompatible so that you may be better off contacting them if you have concerns about your current or past treatments.

All dentistry should be biocompatible because there’s no point improving your oral health if the rest of your body will suffer as a result. Natural dentists possess a wealth of information about biocompatibility. Don’t be afraid to request such treatment or to ask more about it.


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