Natural Dentists Extol Alternatives to Silver Fillings and Amalgam

Natural Dentists Extol Alternatives to Silver Fillings and Amalgam

Were you aware that your silver fillings contain mercury, which is thought to be causing many health issues in patients across the world? Compared to today’s standards, this is now considered a severely outdated and inefficient procedure.

People often trust medical professionals with their treatment options without circumspect, only later to learn about the hazards of some dental composites. Many traditional dentists don’t inform their patients that their fillings contain mercury, but over 92% of polled people wish they had been informed prior to having a filling placed. Natural dentists around San Diego and elsewhere strongly oppose the use of silver fillings for reasons extending to your overall health.

The Dangers of Silver Fillings

Mercury has been linked to a number of health conditions among patients with fillings. These issues include fatigue, general weakness, headaches, insomnia and other maladies often attributed merely to stress or other external factors.

The real cause of all these problems may be in your mouth. Silver fillings are made of amalgam, of which more than 50% of its contents contains mercury. Although it’s claimed that the mercury poses no adverse effect once it’s in a filling, it has been shown that every time you chew, grind your teeth or drink a hot drink, mercury vapors are being released into your system. This is mercury poisoning, and although human bodies can tolerate very small amounts of mercury, in an ideal world there would be no mercury in your system at all.

Natural Dentistry Alternatives

Natural dentistry practitioners are trying to make it very clear that there is a better dental path into the future than relying on amalgam for fillings. For a start, they recommend the removal of your fillings as soon as possible. A reputable natural dentist will be happy to do this and replace them with a more suitable alternative.

White fillings do not contain mercury and are easy for a natural dentist to insert in place of your old fillings. Materials used in the mouth should be biocompatible, meaning they work in harmony with your system. Natural dentists are always developing new methods for determining biocompatibility, as not all materials are going to suit all people.

If you’d like to find out more about having your silver fillings replaced with a biocompatible alternative, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted natural dentist for more information.


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