An Experienced Holistic Dentist Addresses both Oral and Mental Health

An Experienced Holistic Dentist Addresses both Oral and Mental Health

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a holistic dentist around San Diego only offers natural services geared toward your teeth and their health. Actually, the practice of holistic dentistry links your oral health to the rest of your body’s well-being, including mental health.

Indeed, there are many connections between poor oral health and poor mental health, especially when one experiences pain due to dental issues.

Coping With Pain

How do you feel when you’re in pain? Upset? Frustrated? Exhausted? At some point in their life, everyone has felt mentally overwhelmed as a result of pain. Chronic pain in your oral cavity is no different, and can sometimes be one of the most challenging types of pain to cope with. When dealing with oral pain, people can feel depressed, moody, and irritable, even when taking medication.

This type of pain isn’t something you should have to tolerate, and your mental health shouldn’t have to suffer as a result. Holistic dentists not only treat the symptoms of your pain, but they also determine the root cause in order to effectively treat it. This broader approach allows you to be treated in a well-rounded way, capable of improving your mood as a result.

Increasing Confidence

Holistic dentists recognize that confidence goes a long way in a person’s mental health. They aim to complete cosmetic dental procedures in a way that isn’t going to harm your body in the process. For example, the best holistic dentists only complete dental whitening procedures with materials that are biocompatible with your body. It results in a beautiful smile without causing damage internally, unlike some traditional dentistry methods.

Examining Your Nutrition

Eating poorly doesn’t just cause tooth decay, but a decline in your mental well-being as well. However, not all dentists only offer procedures that affect you physically. Most reputable holistic dentists offer advice and support for such matters as nutrition.

A holistic dentist possesses knowledge about which foods tend to spur emotional declines. For example, sugary sweets and drinks not only cause cavities, but can lead to candida as well, which is strongly linked to depression and anxiety. Eating well will improve your appearance, make you feel healthier, and bolster your oral health.

Holistic dentists are skilled in helping the body as a whole, not as singular parts. Contact a trusted holistic dentist today to find out if your mental health is being affected by your dental routine or condition.


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