The Role of a Holistic Dentist in Keeping Smiles Bright and Healthy

The Role of a Holistic Dentist in Keeping Smiles Bright and Healthy

Holistic dentistry, also termed as biological dentistry, is an integrative approach to promoting oral health for people of all ages. While keeping to heart the skills and techniques that dental professionals apply, practitioners of holistic dentistry give added value to the protection and sustenance of their patients’ quality of life.

How Dentists Safeguard Oral Health

A natural dentist in San Diego, or one who uses a holistic approach to healing, believes that the body’s health is manifested in the health of the mouth, and vice versa. Apart from cleaning the teeth or pulling them out, dentists have a role to prevent further complications or diseases from occurring.

At the same time, they inform and empower the patient to help him make better choices when it comes to tooth care. Their duties include offering services to improve the overall healthy state of the teeth, gums, and jaw, and closely monitoring the patient’s progress in response to dental treatments over the years.

Giving Importance to Biocompatibility

Holistic dentistry ensures that everything used for treating dental problems, whether they are tools, chemicals, and other attachments, are safe for the human body. It is understood that not all materials are safe for all patients, as some compounds may cause reactions or other side effects.

For this reason, natural dentists may perform biocompatibility tests via blood or skin testing. By closely observing their patients’ results, dentists can then determine what type of materials are ideal for use in dental treatment. Whether it is porcelain, resin, and others, biocompatibility is an essential safety precaution that can potentially save someone’s life.

Compounds that Holistic Dentists Avoid

Natural dentists try to promote clinics that are free from metals, mercury, fluoride, and other potentially toxic chemicals. While some dental practitioners use these compounds on a daily basis, such is not the case for a holistic dentist in San Diego. He may offer alternative components like ceramics, porcelain, or resin, as well as safer cleaning or whitening compounds. This ensures that patients will not have adverse reactions to chemicals that may be deemed unfit for them.

Following an effective oral health regimen is an important responsibility for everyone. With guidance and support from experienced dentists, and with a proactive attitude towards wellness, you can be sure your smile stays bright and healthy for many years to come.


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