Identifying the Causes of Teeth Stains and the Benefits of Whitening

Identifying the Causes of Teeth Stains and the Benefits of Whitening

A lot of people aim to have bright pearly whites that they can show off whenever they smile. However, due to some daily practices or habits, some people end up with teeth stains or discolored teeth. For this reason, many patients have opted to try procedures for teeth whitening in San Diego, which can be administered by trusted dental professionals.

Reasons Why People Have Discolored Teeth

The American Dental Association explains that food is not the only cause of tooth stains. While it is known that certain drinks like coffee, wine, or tea can contribute to tooth discoloration, there are other possible reasons for the problem. Some causes may be attributed to tobacco use, injuries in the jaw or the mouth, old age, or possibly other medical conditions.

How Dentists Perform Teeth Whitening

Initially, your dentist in Encinitas will examine your teeth and determine your eligibility for teeth whitening. If you get the green light, your dentist may apply a protective gel on your lips and gums. After this, he applies a whitening compound, usually containing hydrogen peroxide, on the surface of your teeth and is allowed to set for several minutes. This compound helps break down the stains that have built up on your tooth’s surface or enamel, revealing the natural color of your teeth.

How Safe Are Tooth Whitening Compounds?

Scientific journals have published studies that attempted to correlate the use of hydrogen peroxide and adverse health conditions like cancer. Results have shown that as a whitening compound, the chemical has been deemed safe for patients. There is little evidence to prove that the tooth whitening chemical poses damage to the tissues in the mouth.

Your Role as the Patient

After your dentist has completed the tooth whitening procedure, the process doesn’t stop there. Even as you return home, you should maintain a healthy oral care regimen to maintain the brightness of your teeth. If you can, limit yourself or avoid drinking beverages that can lead to tooth staining. At the same time, you should keep a healthy and tooth-friendly diet. Furthermore, you should brush and floss regularly to prevent any build up on your teeth.

Tooth whitening is only one of the many services offered by dentists to help keep your smile and overall oral health. Consult with a trusted dentist today and learn about how to maintain pearly whites that you can really be proud of.


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