Natural Dentistry: Promoting Healthier Choices for Fillings and Crowns

Natural Dentistry: Promoting Healthier Choices for Fillings and Crowns

When a patient has damaged teeth, dentists often recommend repairing them by placing fillings to cover the cavities. For some patients with missing teeth, crowns may be specially crafted and fitted to make the tooth appear whole again. Understanding the special attention given by holistic dentists when it comes to fillings and crowns can help patients to better appreciate the benefits of such procedures.

Different Materials Used in Dental Crowns and Fillings

Holistic dentists have worked with patients who have had metal crowns, but they now use a different approach to cater to their specific needs. As these professionals want to keep their treatments as metal-free as possible, they may recommend porcelain or resin based materials for their crowns or fillings.

These can be easy to work with, allowing the dentist to craft appropriately fitting attachments to teeth. As they are non-metal, they may even be colored to match the hue of the patient’s natural teeth. Plus, these compounds are tough, durable, and can be resistant to abrasions when chewing.

Promoting a Mercury-Free Environment

Many older dental patients have already had mercury fillings or amalgams put in by their dentists from years past. While this was the norm for many professionals before, such is not recommended by a natural dentist in San Diego. As a metal, mercury on teeth may leach into the bloodstream, being potentially toxic or poisonous to the body. Holistic dentists follow a strict protocol when removing mercury amalgams from patients’ teeth, and replacing them with safer compounds right after.

Giving Importance to Biocompatibility

Since not all patients are resistant to allergies or adverse reactions to chemicals, medicine, and materials, there is a need for biocompatibility testing. Natural dentists strongly believe that this process can ideally match a patient with a material or compound that can treat his dental problems safely and effectively. Holistic dentistry clinics perform these examinations via blood samples or skin reaction tests.

If you want to find out more about the different approaches to natural dentistry in Encinitas, consult with a trusted clinic today. You can talk with reputable dental professionals who can assess your condition, identify any potential problems, and recommend the safest and most effective treatments for you.


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