Most Common Treatments that a Dentist May Recommend for Your Teeth

Most Common Treatments that a Dentist May Recommend for Your Teeth

At some point during the year, you will need to see a dentist for your regular checkup, a health ritual that should be strictly followed in order to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy and problem free. Just as importantly, you also need to make sure you can face greater San Diego and the rest of the world with a bright, healthy smile.

In order to maintain and improve your oral health, your dentist serving San Diego may recommend one of several treatments for your particular oral condition and overall health in general. Following are some commonly recommended treatments for today’s dental patients:

Ceramic Dental Implants

Ceramic or zirconia dental implants essentially consist of an artificial tooth as a replacement for a lost tooth or bridge. They are typically the recommended treatment for patients who have lost a tooth in an injury or suffer a particular periodontal disease.

While some dental implants consist of metal, zirconia dental implants are becoming more popular among dentists and patients because they are safer to use. They are especially advantageous for those who are sensitive to metal. Furthermore, they exude a more natural look–so much so that they are practically unnoticeable to the eye.


Veneers consist of ultra-thin shells made of ceramic or a composite resin material. They are capable of masking particular conditions in the teeth, including gaps between teeth and worn or chipped teeth. The major advantage to veneers is that they last a long time; you don’t have to worry about returning to your dentist for a replacement any time soon.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap in the shape of a tooth that covers your tooth in the effort to restore its size, shape, appearance, and even strength. The moment the cap has become fully cemented in place, your dentist can completely encase the entire visible part of the tooth right above the gum line.

A dentist may recommend dental crowns in case the patient is suffering from a weak, cracked or severely discolored tooth. It can also be used in order to hold the patient’s dental bridge in place.

Remember that it is better to seek treatment for any oral issues you may encounter immediately, rather that delaying your trip to the dentist. After all, every day you wait could mean you are only moments away from pain and, moreover, a worse dental malady. To avoid oral complications, be sure to visit your dentist about twice a year.



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