Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist to Improve Your Oral Health

Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist to Improve Your Oral Health

Most people want to improve their oral health and feel confident with their smile. When it comes to visiting the right dentist, more people are considering holistic options that are available. If you want to reduce the risk of tooth decay and maintain your gums, there are a few benefits of visiting a holistic dentist.

X-Rays are Rarely Used

Conventional dentists aren’t afraid to use x-rays on a routine basis, which are known to increase the risk of brain tumors due to exposure to radiation. Holistic dentists only use digital x-rays when they’re necessary, which have 50 percent less radiation. You can trust that your health will be protected and that you won’t need to undergo x-rays multiple times each year.

Evaluation of Your Overall Health

A holistic dentist in Encinitas or elsewhere will make it a point to evaluate your overall health instead of just taking a look at your teeth. They take focus on mouth-body connection because poor physical health will have a direct impact on your oral health. The dental professional will be able to diagnose underlying issues that may be leading to tooth decay or bad breath that is present to improve your well-being.

Avoid Flouride Treatments

Although it’s been a common belief that fluoride treatments reduce the risk of cavities, recent studies show that they can lead to other dental problems. Flouride has been linked to muscle disorders, arthritis, bone cancer, brain damage, and dementia. You can have peace of mind knowing that your teeth are cleaned and that your dental treatments are free of any toxins or materials to ensure that your health is protected.

Natural Solutions

Holistic doctors make it a point to use natural solutions for procedures. For instance, for teeth whitening in San Diego they will utilize trays that use fewer chemicals. Many dentists will also resort to using hydrogen peroxide to break down stains and compounds on the enamel of the teeth. Patients who are suffering from root canals can also reduce the risk of having a tooth pulled when it may not be necessary. You may be advised to follow a particular diet to heal the infection and alleviate pain that you experience.

Holistic dentistry is centered on the concept of using biocompatible materials that will cause no underlying damage to the body. Find a dentist who will only use natural means for your wellbeing.


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