Learn How to Enjoy the Many Benefits of Natural Dentistry in Encinitas

Learn How to Enjoy the Many Benefits of Natural Dentistry in Encinitas

Holistic dentistry is becoming quite a common buzzword, but few actually know what it entails. A natural dentist in San Diego or elsewhere will tell you that the philosophy is about attending to one’s overall health in addition to oral care. So, aside from resolving any dental issues you may have, a dentist will also take into account whether a certain procedure can harm the body. There are a few differences between a natural dentist and a traditional oral health care provider, and through learning more about them, you will come to the conclusion that one is better than the other.

Mercury Fillings

Traditional dentists promote the longevity of a mercury amalgam filling, but this type of filling may leak small amounts of mercury into the body. Any natural dentist throughout the country understands that even small amounts of this material can be toxic regardless of FDA approval. The practice of natural dentistry does not involve the use of mercury fillings.

Root Canals

A traditional dentist relies on root canals to save severely decaying teeth. They believe the procedure to be safe and effective. Natural oral health care follows the belief that root canal therapy is only effective when the canal is 100% sterilized. Studies show this to be impossible. Holistic dentists also like to avoid toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde that are used to sterilize the canal. Bacteria left behind can lead to health issues like heart disease and breast cancer.


Traditional dentistry includes the use of fluoride both topically and ingested. Natural dentistry disagrees with ingesting fluoride. Dentists who practice holistic dentistry believe that doing so can lead to bone problems and cancer. They will also point out that research shows no benefit to drinking fluoridated water. In fact, they will use the argument that adding fluoride to the public water is forcing medication on residents, and too much can create a fluorosis issue.

You can trust natural dentists to always prioritize your wellbeing by making sure that the materials they use will not cause any negative reactions in your body. They will also be willing to educate patients about potentially harmful substances and possible alternatives. Be sure to talk thoroughly to your dentist about your concerns and needs before you undergo any procedure.


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