A Holistic Dentist Recommend These Healthy Foods for a Healthy Smile

A Holistic Dentist Recommend These Healthy Foods for a Healthy Smile

Do you worry that your smile doesn’t look its best? This may occur because of the foods that you eat. Making small changes to your diet is an excellent way to improve your smile and spend less time at the office. Before you make an appointment with a holistic dentist, you may want to look at some of the best foods that dentists recommend for your teeth.

Crunchy Foods

Adding crunchy foods to your diet is a great way to improve the health of your teeth. Look for foods like apples, carrots and celery. As you crunch through those vegetables, you increase the overall strength of your teeth, which can reduce your risk of suffering from cavities and other common dental problems. Nuts like almonds and cashews are good choices, too.

If you aren’t a fan of plain fruits and vegetables, you can dip those veggies and fruits in peanut butter, ranch dressing or hummus.

Healthy Greens

When making an appointment to a holistic dentistry clinic, patients might want to eat a few salads made from healthy greens. While most restaurants use iceberg because it’s cheap, spinach is a much better choice.

Dark greens like spinach contains lots of vitamins and folic acid that can help you fight back against gum disease. Kale is a suitable alternative to spinach that contains just as many healthy vitamins. If you aren’t a fan of dark greens, you can mix a handful into your salad with other greens that you do like.

What to Avoid

Before a holistic dental appointment, you might want to avoid foods that can leave behind surface stains on your teeth.

Spaghetti sauce is one of the foods that you might not expect to cause stains, but the tomatoes in the recipe and the acidity of those tomatoes can eat through your enamel and cause stains. Coffee and tea can cause stains as can soft drinks and even fruit juices. Any food or drink with a high acidity level can cause stains.

Holistic dentists in the San Diego area offer holistic methods for your tooth problems and lessons on health and nutrition for patients. When you know what foods can make your teeth healthier, you can make a better impression at your appointment.


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