San Diego Dentist Reveals Why and How to Care for Temporary Teeth

San Diego Dentist Reveals Why and How to Care for Temporary Teeth

It’s easy to ignore your child’s temporary teeth as just that—temporary. They’ll be replaced by permanent teeth soon, so there’s really no reason to give them too much attention, right? Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. As your San Diego dentist will tell you, temporary or baby teeth play a very important role, and dismissing them can significantly impact your child’s dental health as he grows up.

The thing is, you need to care for baby teeth as you would your child’s permanent teeth. Losing baby teeth too early could lead to the premature eruption of permanent teeth, and they’ll be forced to fill the empty space left by the lost baby teeth. This can make it difficult for other permanent teeth to have the space to find room when they come in, which can result in crooked, jagged teeth.

So how do you preserve your brave little one’s irresistible smile today and in the future? Here’s what you need to do.

Teach him good oral habits

Brushing twice a day is a good start. Teach him to do this without fail, and let him know the dire consequences of not doing so. Encourage your child to spit after a tooth clean. Keep reminding him until he gets the hang of it. The idea is to teach him good oral habits that will last his lifetime.

Keep an eye on the sweets

The concentrated sugar content in many of today’s foods can lead to the early onset of tooth decay in children. Sugars keep the mouth in acidic state, which increases the risk of tooth decay. Don’t let your child snack on sweet foods frequently. Focus more on healthy foods.

Don’t put him to sleep with sugary liquids

Baby milk and juices contain harmful sugar. Don’t let your child nap or sleep with these in his mouth. If you must bottle-feed your child before going to bed give him only water. You can feed him his formula later during waking hours. Serve juice only during meals and use it as a treat.

Schedule his regular appointment with a dentist

Your child should start seeing a San Diego dentist by his first birthday. Early preventive care is vital not only for his dental health, but his overall health as well.

Natural dentist in San Diego

It is vital for your child to receive the most natural and most effective dental treatments available. A trusted San Diego dentist office such as the Center for Natural Dentistry can help you manage your child’s dental health in the best manner possible.


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