Natural Dentistry: How Your Encinitas Dentist Ensures Holistic Health

Natural Dentistry: How Your Encinitas Dentist Ensures Holistic Health

Did you know that fluoride, metal, and mercury could pose risks to your health? The great thing is though, Encinitas dentists ensure that the materials they use safe and non-toxic. They offer up-to-date natural dental treatments that put every patient’s health and safety in mind.

So what exactly is natural dentistry? Natural dentistry eliminates the risk of using any potentially dangerous substances like fluoride, metal, and mercury.

Some cities in San Diego and the rest of California add fluoride to the water supply to reduce the occurrences of cavities. However, anything consumed in excess is bad for your health. Excessive fluoride consumption can cause fluorosis, and can also be linked to the weakening of tooth enamel, and some yellow spotting on the teeth. With this, natural dental practices have eliminated the use of fluoride. Patients can ask their dentist about natural alternatives to fluoride as well as alternative and effective solutions to protect their teeth from developing cavities.

While metal is a common material used in orthodontics and restorative dentistry, natural dentistry uses ceramics. Ceramics or zirconium are ideal for dental implants because they don’t corrode through time, unlike metals like titanium. This material also doesn’t accumulate bacteria as fast as metal does. And, with its color, ceramics eliminate the possibility of darkening which metal is prone to. Ceramic dental implants are ideal for people who lost a tooth or a set of teeth due to injury or simply due to unhealthy teeth and gums. With ceramic dental implants, patients can enjoy natural eating and speaking habits as they used to.

Metal-free orthodontics also form part of natural dentistry. Treatments like Invisalign and Myobrace can help the patient align crooked teeth, and are subtle and less abrasive devices compared to traditional metal braces. Patients who feel self-conscious and prefer a discreet way to perfect their smile can benefit from these treatments.

Some dental treatments such as amalgam fillings contain mercury. According to the FDA, amalgams have mercury, which consequently affect the nervous system. As a result, dental practices have stopped the use of these fillings. On a positive note, holistic dental practices offer amalgam or mercury filling removal to ensure patients aren’t exposed to the neurotoxic effects of mercury. If you notice silver fillings in embedded in your teeth, make sure to double check with your dentist that it doesn’t contain any mercury.

Ask your Encinitas dentist about natural dentistry for holistic health. Dental practices like The Center for Natural Dentistry offer safe and natural treatments with a focus on the patient’s overall health.