4 Health Benefits that You Can Receive When Choosing Natural Dentists

4 Health Benefits that You Can Receive When Choosing Natural Dentists

Natural dentistry is not your average dentistry. It’s actually a process that provides patients with permanent solutions, instead of a temporary fix. Health and wellness is promoted with holistic care. Here are some of the many benefits of natural dentistry.

Natural Solutions

If you are like many patients who want to fix their dental problems without surgery after surgery, holistic dentistry is the best option for you. Problems like root canals and fillings are fixed with a natural solution.

This is because, unlike other dental treatments, holistic dentistry caters to a person’s general wellbeing rather than simply tackling the symptoms. Natural dentists know that other dental treatments might have detrimental effects on their patient’s health, and would instead prefer ones promoting better health.

No Fluoride Treatments

Many dentists believe that fluoride treatments are bad for a person’s health, even though it was once praised as a cure for cavities. Since natural dentistry doesn’t use fluoride treatments, you can receive great dental care without the risk of other serious health issues. Fluoride treatments have the potential to put people at a higher risk of dementia, bone cancer, or muscle disorders.

Compatibility Testing

Many dental issues can be avoided by testing a patient’s compatibility. However, this is not always the case. With natural dentistry, it is. Biocompatible treatments are used instead of harsh treatments like mercury fillings and anesthesia. The feeling material that is used for natural dentistry will depend on a person’s biology. The biocompatibility testing used includes electrical testing, blood testing, muscle testing, and more.

Digital X-Rays

According to WebMD, x-rays could expose dental patients to unnecessary risks, including a brain tumor. Due to the radiation exposure of traditional x-rays, natural dentists only use digital x-rays. These types of x-rays are lower in radiation. However, holistic dentistry uses them sparingly, and only when necessary.

You can begin taking advantage of these natural services and solutions today by talking to one of the reputable natural dentists in San Diego and Encinitas, such as those from the Center for Natural Dentistry. Schedule an appointment with a natural dentist today, and experience better health with holistic dentistry.

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