1. Do you work on children? Also, what insurance do you accept? I’m in the process of finding new dental insurance becuase my current insurance hardly covers anything. Please let me know asap. Thank you!!

    • Yes we accept children.

      Unfortunately a lot problems as adults started with poor dentistry as a child.

      Our focus with children will be on jaw development, oral hygiene and most importantly diet.

      We are not fans of orthodontics (braces) at an early age without a proper examination of the soft tissues (tongue, lips, cheeks) and other habits.

      It will involve evaluating the structures that help the development of the jaws so that there will be enough room for the adult teeth.

      Stuff like this is so valuable.

      As far as insurance goes, we do accept dental insurances if you are allowed to pick your own dentists.

      Please call us and ask which dental insurance plan we’d choose if we were you.

      Dr. Marvin

  2. leroy wilson Says: July 9, 2009 at 3:40 am

    how come the teeth model is upside down, doctor?

  3. Hello Dr.Marvin~
    My name is Sonja Clemons. I work for PlanetDDS as an inbound agent for you. I am a hygienist with 15 years experience in the dental field. I just wanted to let you know I visited your website and think it is incredible! I live in Iowa and I am finishing my education at the University of Iowa online, after hours, while working for Planet DDS. I look forward to helping your practice in anyway I can and find your philosophies innovative and educational. The oral health/total body health dynamic has been overlooked for too long. I probably should have sent you a tickler 🙂 but I found your website so intriguing I felt the need to respond via the contact button on your website. I look forward to being part of your virtual team.
    Sonja Clemons RDH Planet DDS

    • Thanks Sonja! We appreciate all your help and I’m definitely pleased that you like our site and what we stand for. It seems reasonable to me that most people would assume that what goes in the mouth affects the body. Unfortunately, that link wasn’t promoted until just recently so it has been overlooked for far too long.

      Good luck on your continuing education and thanks for the help!
      Dr. Marvin

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