Alternative Happy Hour Was A Success

Alternative Happy Hour Was A Success

Alternative Happy HourOn Friday night, January 30th we exhibited a booth at the Alternative Happy Hour in Balboa Park, San Diego. In short, it was a success as it was one of the first events since opening our doors.

Shayna, one of my assistants, and I were present sharing what many people have never heard of… holistic dentistry. Several people came up to us with their dental problems but most of them came up and asked the most simple of questions: “What is holistic dentistry?”

Of course we shared our information on what holistic dentistry is and what it could do for them. We even had a few people sign up for our enewsletter.

I want to thank Ryan for holding the successful event. As the coordinator, Ryan was helpful in securing the new venue. We also thank the Alternative Healing Network here in San Diego for letting our business, The Center For Natural Dentistry, share the good news about a more alternative approach to dental health.


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