February 2019
Gary Song
Posted at: 01 Feb 2019
Is the Root Cause Movie telling the truth or is it Pseudoscience meant to scare the public?

Have you seen “Root Cause” film on Netflix? If not I highly recommend you take time to watch the movie this evening, or now if you wish. The movie length itself is less than 90 min, but it is probably a good use of time considering there are over 25 million root canal treatments done annually in the US alone. Even for those who do

January 2018
August 2017
Duncan O'Malley
Posted at: 28 Aug 2017
For Better Health: Why You Should Consider Visiting a Holistic Dentist

You might have heard of holistic dentistry, but you also might not really have a good idea of just what this is. In a nutshell, holistic dentistry is the type of dentistry where dentists attempt to use a holistic or a more natural approach to treat their patients. This doesn’t mean that they don’t utilize any technologies or modern medicine. Rather, it means that they

Duncan O'Malley
Posted at: 21 Aug 2017
4 Health Benefits that You Can Receive When Choosing Natural Dentists

Natural dentistry is not your average dentistry. It’s actually a process that provides patients with permanent solutions, instead of a temporary fix. Health and wellness is promoted with holistic care. Here are some of the many benefits of natural dentistry.

Duncan O'Malley
Posted at: 14 Aug 2017
Why Encinitas Dentists Might Approve of a Green Approach to Dentistry

The green movement is gaining more momentum in virtually every aspect of human lives, and it shouldn’t come as surprise that it’s also made its way into the way people receive dental treatment. Some Encinitas dentists who struggle to engage in eco-friendly practices have adopted green principles in their own practices, and for good reasons.

August 2017

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