Gum Disease and Heart Disease: Scientifically Linked!

As an holistic dentist, I’m used to having people question the practice. After all, if the ADA hasn’t specifically said that mercury is bad (even though it’s a well know and scientifically proven neuro-toxin recognized by the FDA), then why should they believe that mercury fillings are bad? The fact of the matter is, many governing bodies in the health industries are looking out more...

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Are You Ready for Bile Fillings?

Composite Fillings Made From Human Bile?

Would you allow cadaver's bile acid to placed in your mouth? In the trending toward natural medical alternatives, fillings made from human bile might be only the beginning.

Calcium and Vitamin C- Not just good for bones

Most of us have heard by now of the importance of getting enough calcium in our diets to prevent bone loss as we age. But for many men and women getting enough calcium is a direct contradiction to what ever our most recent diet plan describes. The shocking truth is that new research has uncovered calcium as a preventive tool in oral care. About 99...

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Listerine: Not Worth The Trouble

If you’re like me, we used whatever was given to us growing up. If it was soap, shampoo, toilet paper, or mouthwash, we pretty much had no choice. And for many years, your choices in mouthwash were either Scope or Listerine. But as awareness of mouthwash has increased, so have your options; however, Listerine still seems to be the brand most people think about when they hear...

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