3D Cone Beam Scan X-Ray

Ceramic Dental Implant Front Tooth Example

This patient did not like the look of her fake tooth in the front of her mouth.  It was a root-canal treated tooth that was giving her problems, and she wanted to have it taken out.  She decided against a denture and a bridge to replace the tooth.  We recommended a ceramic dental implant for the best aesthetics.  Ceramic dental implants are white as opposed to...

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Save on CEREC Restorations and 3D Cone Beam Scans

Hi! I hope the summer has been treating you well! We’ve been slammed at the office and I’ve fallen behind on our newsletter, but I have some exciting news to share that you might be able to benefit from. (As a side note, most of this pertains to people in our area. I will be writing another article in the coming days with some news...

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