Cosmetic Dentistry

An Interesting Article On How To Save Money

DIY (Do it yourself Dentistry). One funny article about ways to save money listed dentistry as a disgusting way to save money. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'An+Interesting+Article+On+How+To+Save+Money'; addthis_pub = '';

Teeth Whitening: Mall Or Office

Have you seen the latest buzz going on at all shopping malls here in America? Teeth whitening businesses are booming with mini 2-4 chair kiosks.  They claim to use the same ingredients dentists use in their own offices, mainly hydrogen peroxide based bleaching gels. Dentists have been using these products as a major marketing tool for cosmetic dentistry for many years now.  And now that...

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Former Presidential Candidate Gets New Chompers

Even “regular guy” politicians want nicer teeth. As evidence in this article on former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. This goes to show that even in Arkansas, people want to look their best. And remember if “good ‘ol boy” Mike Huckabee can do it, so can you. Cosmetic Dentistry is natural good-looking dentistry… not the bling bling everyone thinks it [...]

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