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Having a great smile can improve your chances of finding personal success

This morning I did my usual routine. Dressed, brushed, flossed, grabbed my car key and jetted to that heaven on earth aka Starbucks for my morning Caramel Mocha. While standing in line I happened to hear the tail end of a conversation being had by some people behind me. They had been talking about first impression and self confidence and how the two are one...

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The Perfect Mouth: Part 1

As a visionary, I always like to look at ideal.  You know what I mean… vision what’s perfect and use that as my north pole, my target. So when it comes to the perfect smile, I look first at the health of the gums. So what do perfect gums look like? Of course, they should not look like gum disease.  But instead of listing what...

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Gum Disease: Don’t Believe It’s Important? Think Again About Gum Disease.

Gum Disease is a topic many people have pondered over… especially if you just came from the dental office.  However, most soon forget about it a few hours later as they tackle other mundane activities. For most people, they don’t understand it or they are not willing to go the extra effort to prevent red bleeding gums. But… being a scientist (as all dentists are...

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