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Gum Disease: Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

Non Surgical Intervention – Perio Protect™ More than 75 % of U.S. adults over 35 have some form of gum disease (or periodontal disease). Most who have the beginning stage of this disease don’t even know it. The most severe version of gum disease is known as periodontitis. A less severe version is known as gingivitis. In many cases gingivitis is a precursor to periodontitis...

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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Diabetes can cause serious problems in your mouth. You can do something about it. If you have diabetes, make sure you take care of your mouth. People with diabetes are at risk for mouth infections, especially periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease can damage the gum and bone that hold your teeth in place and may lead to painful chewing problems. Some people with serious gum...

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FAQ: Are Root Canals Safe?  What Options Do I Have?

FAQ: Are Root Canals Safe? What Options Do I Have?

We just had someone call and ask “What alternatives to root canal therapy do we offer?” First of all, are root canals bad? YES!!!! Root canals are bad because bacteria can remain and still colonize when root canal therapy has been completed.  When this happens, Dr. Weston Price has studied systemic effects from the bacteria originating from the root canaled teeth. So if your tooth...

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Green Dentistry. Is there such a thing?

In my search for the best information for my blog, I’ve scoured the internet looking to see if there is such a thing called “Green Dentistry.”  With it being hip to be green, from hollywood celebrities to corporate jaggernauts, I’m surprised not many dentists have adopted the concept. It is common however for dentists to jump [...]

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