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Amalgam Removal Success Story

Just surfin the net as usual when I came across a very good post. click here It was enlightening to see this woman point out that most dentists are not the same.  Just “getting a filling replaced” requires more work than most dentists are willing to do.  They simply don’t know or they simply don’t care.

The Dangers Of The Great Fluoride Experiment

In America today, one can easily see the effects of fluoridation to over consumption of fluoride in our everyday lives. The effects of fluoridation are numerous: children with darkened teeth and behavior disorders, brittle bones, neurological disorders, migraine headaches, clinical depression, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease. All of these conditions have a close association with over use of fluoride in the public water supply. Aside...

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Cure For Low Thyroid Caused by Fluoride

Do you have a low thyroid? If you drink tap water, then you are part of the 70% of the population who do. Only the 30% of the population who drink only bottled water do not. But they also cook in it, put it in their ice cube trays, and avoid sodas. Fluoride is used to turn down a high thyroid. So if your thyroid...

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Mercury Fillings Are Poison: The Beautiful Truth

Wondering if Silver Mercury fillings are dangerous? For years dentists have been placing these toxic mercury fillings without knowing the true consequences. In this video, you’ll visually observe the mercury vapors coming from a tooth. And every time you drink or eat something warm/hot, more mercury vapor is released. Check it out.

Proper Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal

Toxic Mercury Vapors Affect Us Too

Mercury vapors are constantly being released in a person’s mouth.  And it is most hazardous when these toxic fillings are placed or when they are removed (aka new fillings placed). But for us to educate someone on the consequence of mercury toxicity without first taking precautions on our end (the dental staff and dentists doing the procedures) seems hypocritical.  That’s why I recommend all dental...

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