Root Canal Controversy

Root Canals: Everything Your Dentist “Forgot” to Tell You

Episode 5 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego. Discover the hidden secrets behind root canals: the systemic link, the practice that has changed little in over 300 years, the dangers you were never told by your dentist, the alternatives, and what you can do if you’ve already had a root canal. Discover it all in this episode of Dangers in...

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Root Canals: Not An Option!!!

Are root canals safe? The short and long answer is NO. Here’s why. Root canals or root canal treatment do not get rid of the harmful bacteria. No matter what anyone says, dangerous bacteria hides in the dentinal tubules and produce toxins that can affect your WHOLE body. Leaving a dead tooth (which it really is if you take our the nerve) in your body...

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FAQ: Are Root Canals Safe?  What Options Do I Have?

FAQ: Are Root Canals Safe? What Options Do I Have?

We just had someone call and ask “What alternatives to root canal therapy do we offer?” First of all, are root canals bad? YES!!!! Root canals are bad because bacteria can remain and still colonize when root canal therapy has been completed.  When this happens, Dr. Weston Price has studied systemic effects from the bacteria originating from the root canaled teeth. So if your tooth...

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