The Center for Natural Dentistry is Opening Fall 2008

The Center For Natural Dentistry will be opening soon in central San Diego, California. We’re proud to announce the opening of its doors in the fall of 2008. This will mark the 2nd dental practice of Dr. Marvin Pantangco. While his first practice was based on cosmetic and comprehensive care dentistry, this facility will be focusing primarily on his new passion, natural dentistry. If you...

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Dental Insurance: Why Dentists Don’t Take Your Dental Insurance?

“Do you take insurance?” That’s one of the top 3 question people ask when they first find out that I’m a dentist. It is a good questions because yes, dental insurance is a benefit for most people. However, here are my thoughts from the standpoint of a dentist. 1. There are so many intricacies with dental insurance, most [...]

Sedation Dentistry: What is it?

When going to the dentist, a lot of times you just sit in a chair and stare at the ceiling. That is of course if you are comfortable with the dentist or dental hygienist and know what is going on. For most people, dentistry is just something that has to be done. But as a [...]

Mercury Toxicity: Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Rid Of The Poison

If you’ve ever wanted the best time to have your metal fillings (aka amalgams or mercury fillings) removed, then today is a good day to start… because just a few weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration changed their pitiful stance on the toxic substance. Previously, the FDA and American Dental Association agreed that mercury toxicity [...]

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