I Want to GIVE you a
FREE Bottle of Breath Spray...
Just Tell Me Where to Send It!

I'm offering to give you a free bottle of BreathDr
All Natural Breath Spray (retail value of $5.95)...
You just have to tell me where to send it!

Ever try something you got for free, found out it really works... then bought some more and shared it with a friend (who has stinky breath?).

Well, this is that product!

That's right... I'm giving you the gift of fresh breath absolutely FREE... you just need to pay for the shipping and processing! This is not a sample... it's a full-sized bottle!

Free Natural Breath SprayWhy am I sending it to you for free?
Two reasons:

1. I get asked a ton of questions about holistic dentistry and dental health every day in my practice and on our website. I love to educate. I've decided to try to fill a need by producing a monthly newsletter with product reviews, home dental tips, and more.

With the breath spray, I'll be sending you a FREE copy of my newsletter (U.S. Residents Only). Don't worry: it's not email--you'll actually get a newsletter mailed to your address and it's loaded with great info that you can actually use!

2. I believe in my products, and I hope that after you try my all-natural breath spray, you'll want to order more (or order my natural mouthwash and tongue scraper).

So that's it! I'm offering to send you a FREE bottle of all-natural breath spray AND a FREE copy of our monthly newsletter... just for trying out our product... you just pay shipping and processing for the breath spray!

To request your bottle, simply complete the form to the right and you'll be redirected to an order page to complete your request so we can ship out your full-sized bottle for only the shipping and handling fee!

Oh... and we only have 97 of these left. Once they're gone, you're gonna have to pay regular price... so act fast!

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