Tag: Alternative Dentistry

3 Reasons to go to a Natural Dentist

If you find yourself Googling Natural Dentist, you won’t find much about it from the American Dental Association. The field of natural dentistry is not taught in dental schools and is not recognized as a specialty (like orthodontists, oral surgeons, or pediatric dentists). In fact, ask any dentist about natural dentistry and he or she will give you the deer in the headlights look because...

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Is Your Dentist Making You Sick?

They don’t mean to. They have the best of intentions. You became a patient to have your teeth worked on… and that’s exactly what your dentist has been doing. Unfortunately, it’s been at the expense of the rest of your body, and now you’re sick, but have no idea why. Problem is, no one thinks their doctor would make them sick. No one thinks their dentist...

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A Personal Story: Breast Cancer and The Meridian Chart

This is the powerful story about the links between your teeth and the rest of your body… this one discusses breast cancer and root canals as well as the tooth meridian chart and 3D cone beam scans. Please excuse the audio (and my exhausted look)… I filmed this after a long day of seminars. The story is good enough that I decided to share it...

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