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Allergies Can Start in the Dental Chair

Allergies and the Dentist’s Office

Allergies Can Start in the Dentist’s Chair There has been quite a bit of attention paid to the various metals or amalgams used in dentistry pertaining to the toxic effects that they can have on the body. In addition to metals used in fillings and bridges, it is important to be aware that dentists also use a wide assortment of cements, anesthetics, bonding materials, temporary...

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Can Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

For over 100 years, dentists have been performing root canal therapy: the practice of drilling out the canals of a dead tooth to remove bacteria and “save” the tooth. But by attempting to save a dead tooth, have dentists been causing breast cancer? Some scientific research says yes. “Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since 1958) in Switzerland recently checked the...

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San Diego holistic, natural dentist discusses holistic dentistry

http://AmericasHolisticDentist.com Dr. Marvin, San Diego Holistic Dentist, discusses holistic dentistry and how it can improve whole-body wellness. Holistic dentistry - also called biological or natural dentistry - combines science-based dental practices with an awareness for overall wellness.

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