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Fox News Expert: Fluoride Has Been a Big Experiment

Interesting video from a Fox News segment recently. They had their guest expert on who was a dentist to discuss fluoride. This dentist calls fluoride a “big experiment” and talks about how many unfluoridated communities have LESS decay than fluoridated communities. Take it for what it’s worth, but it’s yet another sign that dentistry is slowly (and begrudgingly) coming to realize that much of what...

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Bruxism can create up to 10 times more pressure on your molars than chewing

Is Stress Taking it’s Toll on Your Teeth?

The economy is bad. Unemployment is high. Real estate values are low… It’s a stressful time for many — if not most — families in America right now. But who’s taking the worst of it? Who — or what — is the biggest punching bag for all our stress? It’s possibly our teeth. In a recent New York Times article (When Stress Takes a Toll...

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The Bright White Spot is an Amalgam Filling. There is Significant Decay Next to the Filling.

X-Ray Example of an Amalgam Filling and Tooth Decay

I recently had someone ask me to evaluate an x-ray taken by another dentist. As you can see (in the image posted below), there’s clearly an amalgam filling (the bright white spot). You can also clearly see the cavity just to the left of the filling. What you can’t clearly see is what decay is developing below the mercury filling. That’s one of the problems...

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Are You Ready for Bile Fillings?

Composite Fillings Made From Human Bile?

Would you allow cadaver's bile acid to placed in your mouth? In the trending toward natural medical alternatives, fillings made from human bile might be only the beginning.

What’s The Best Toothpaste?

What’s The Best Toothpaste?

UPDATE: We have written a new article about the best toothpastes, including a document with detailed analysis of a ton of “alternative” toothpastes. That article can be found here: What’s The Best Toothpaste? – Part 2 What is the best toothpaste? We’ve been using the product since we first started brushing but why is there the desire to find the “right one” or best one?...

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