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San Diego holistic, natural dentist discusses holistic dentistry

http://AmericasHolisticDentist.com Dr. Marvin, San Diego Holistic Dentist, discusses holistic dentistry and how it can improve whole-body wellness. Holistic dentistry - also called biological or natural dentistry - combines science-based dental practices with an awareness for overall wellness.

San Diego Dentist Revolutionizes Dental Industry By Going Green

The Center for Natural Dentistry (www.NaturalDentistry.us) is leading the “green revolution” by reducing waste and protecting the environment. April 10, 2009 — In the renewed national focus on green energy, one San Diego Dentist is leading the way. The Center for Natural Dentistry, located in Encinitas, has gone beyond fluorescent lights and low-flow faucets with an infusion of Green Dentistry in its “Green” quest. “In...

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