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Biliary Secretion of Glutathione and of Glutathione-Metal Complexes

As bile is the main route of elimination of many metals, a large number of studies have been directed toward the characterization of the hepatobiliary transport of both endogenous and exogenous metals. Although some progress has been made, we still know little of the basic mechanisms involved in the hepatocellular uptake of metals, in their intracellular translocation and metabolism, or in their transport into bile....

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Ozone Therapy as Treatment in Dentistry

In the past few months we have received several questions about ozone therapy for dental problems. A few patients have even installed ozonators in their homes to help with various medical conditions. While I can’t speak of ozone in other medical fields, ozone therapy in dentistry is coming of age. It is used to disinfect teeth with cavities and is used to disinfect the root...

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Better Sex And Gum Disease

Is there a link? Well Dr. Oz, better known as Oprah’s Doctor, knows a little about gum disease and he mentions it on his webpage RealAge.com. In an article on how the Economy can affect your dental health, Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, the doctor authors of the best selling: “YOU: The Owner’s Manual” and “You: On A Diet”, recommend that despite the financial...

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