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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Diabetes can cause serious problems in your mouth. You can do something about it. If you have diabetes, make sure you take care of your mouth. People with diabetes are at risk for mouth infections, especially periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease can damage the gum and bone that hold your teeth in place and may lead to painful chewing problems. Some people with serious gum...

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The Perfect Mouth: Part 1

As a visionary, I always like to look at ideal.  You know what I mean… vision what’s perfect and use that as my north pole, my target. So when it comes to the perfect smile, I look first at the health of the gums. So what do perfect gums look like? Of course, they should not look like gum disease.  But instead of listing what...

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Got A Gummy Smile?

Do you have a gummy smile?  You know, the smile where you show more gums than teeth… sometimes making your teeth look short or small. If so, you’re not alone.  Most beauty pagent winners have gummy smiles. But what about too gummy? As a dentist I’ve been trained to evaluate smiles aesthetically and the gums are just as [...]