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Poison in the Mouth — The Dangers of Dental Amalgam

This video clip provides a great basis for the science behind the concern over mercury amalgam fillings. Proponents of mercury in dentistry will often argue that there is no research that shows that mercury amalgam is dangerous. That same argument was made about asbestos 20 years ago — that it’s safe until proven hazardous. This video — clipped from the BBC’s Poison in the Mouth...

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Is Your Bite Causing Health Problems?

This episode of Dangers in Dentistry — airing on KPRZ in San Diego on Friday, January 29 at 7:00 PM and Sunday, January 31 at 3:30 PM — explains how they way your bite aligns can have an adverse affect on your dental health as well as your overall well-being. This is a sneak-peak at the radio show — posted here before it airs! Click...

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Case study of the dangers of root canals

http://NaturalDentistry.us Case study of a patient suffering adverse health affects caused by root canal. After Dr Marvin, a San Diego Holistic Dentist, removed the tooth, her health problems subsided

Dangers in Dentistry — The Dangers of Dental Cavitations

Episode 11 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego. Has your dentist ever talked to you about cavitations? I’m not talking about cavities, but cavitations. Chances are, if you’re like most people (including most dentists), you’ve never even heard the term, let alone had a conversation with your dentist about the dangers of cavitations. The truth is, there are several health...

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Case Study: Health Problems Caused by Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings?

A few days ago I received an email from a friend who had read our article on Orange Juice (Orange Juice — The Silent Tooth Killer?). The letter is a poignant reminder of how our diet affects our dental health. Mike had been drinking orange juice his entire life, and has considerable erosion because of the acid in the juice. More to the point, he...

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