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Cysteine Metabolism and Metal Toxicity

Chronic, low level exposure to toxic metals is an increasing global problem. The symptoms associated with the slow accumulation of toxic metals are multiple and rather nondescript, and overt expression of toxic effects may not appear until later in life. The sulfhydryl-reactive metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) are particularly insidious and can affect a vast array of biochemical and nutritional processes. The primary mechanisms by...

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High Mercury Emissions from Dental Clinics Despite Amalgam Separators

Mercury (Hg) as amalgam has been used as a dental filling material for more than 150 years. Thereby, dentists and their patients have been directly exposed to Hg, and the public and the environment indirectly exposed via Hg emissions from incinerators and Hg in waste water from households and dental clinics. Here we present actual Hg emissions via waste water from 12 dental clinics equipped...

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Dentist’s Exposure to Elemental Mercury Vapor During Clinical Work with Amalgam

Continuous measurements of mercury vapor in the breathing zone of the dentist were made under ordinary clinical conditions. Fifty old amalgam fillings were removed and replaced by new ones. The mercury vapor measurements were performed by means of atomic absorption spectrophotometry. On the basis of the type of suction device used, the measurements were divided into seven groups, each of which consisted of a series...

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Dental Amalgam and Mercury in Dentistry

Mercury in dentistry has re-emerged as a contentious issue in public health, predominantly because so many people are inadvertently exposed to mercury in order to obtain the benefits of dental amalgam fillings, and the risks remain difficult to interpret. Evidence on the health effect of dental amalgams comes from studies of the association between their presence and signs or symptoms of adverse effects or health...

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Blood Mercury Levels of Dental Students and Dentists at a Dental School

To determine the blood mercury levels in dental students and clinical teaching staff in a dental school using amalgam as a restorative material. There were statistically significant increases (p<0.001) in plasma mercury concentration between measurements in all groups at the end of the academic year. Red cell mercury levels were also consistently elevated. Although the highest levels of mercury were recorded in persons working with...

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