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Save on CEREC Restorations and 3D Cone Beam Scans

Hi! I hope the summer has been treating you well! We’ve been slammed at the office and I’ve fallen behind on our newsletter, but I have some exciting news to share that you might be able to benefit from. (As a side note, most of this pertains to people in our area. I will be writing another article in the coming days with some news...

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How to Cure Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold? Do you have sensitive spots along your gum line? Does it hurt every time you bite into a spoonful of ice cream? It doesn’t have to! *** [pro-player width=’530′ height=’380′ type=’video’]http://ahdmovies.s3.amazonaws.com/MI Paste Review.m4v[/pro-player] *** Millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity when they don’t have to. There are several over the counter options available to help reduce...

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Sedation Dentistry: What is it?

When going to the dentist, a lot of times you just sit in a chair and stare at the ceiling. That is of course if you are comfortable with the dentist or dental hygienist and know what is going on. For most people, dentistry is just something that has to be done. But as a [...]