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A Personal Story: Breast Cancer and The Meridian Chart

This is the powerful story about the links between your teeth and the rest of your body… this one discusses breast cancer and root canals as well as the tooth meridian chart and 3D cone beam scans. Please excuse the audio (and my exhausted look)… I filmed this after a long day of seminars. The story is good enough that I decided to share it...

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Dangers in Dentistry — Sargenti Paste, Allergens, And More

Episode 12 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego. Almost everyone has heard about root canals, but what about Sargenti Paste? Is it a safe option? How does it work? What are the dangers of Sargenti Paste? In this week’s episode of Dangers in Dentistry, Dr. Marvin — America’s Holistic Dentist — talks about dental Sargenti Paste, allergens and their affects...

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The Bright White Spot is an Amalgam Filling. There is Significant Decay Next to the Filling.

X-Ray Example of an Amalgam Filling and Tooth Decay

I recently had someone ask me to evaluate an x-ray taken by another dentist. As you can see (in the image posted below), there’s clearly an amalgam filling (the bright white spot). You can also clearly see the cavity just to the left of the filling. What you can’t clearly see is what decay is developing below the mercury filling. That’s one of the problems...

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