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Dangers in Dentistry: Episode 1

This is the pilot episode of our new radio show that’s airing weekly on KPRZ in San Diego. This 30-minute episode explains the dangers of amalgam fillings, the dangers of mercury vapors in dental offices (even if you don’t have silver fillings!), and what you can do to protect yourself. Enjoy! Dr. Marvin San Diego, Encinitas Holistic Dentist

Calcium and Vitamin C- Not just good for bones

Most of us have heard by now of the importance of getting enough calcium in our diets to prevent bone loss as we age. But for many men and women getting enough calcium is a direct contradiction to what ever our most recent diet plan describes. The shocking truth is that new research has uncovered calcium as a preventive tool in oral care. About 99...

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ADD / ADHD Treatment

Part of what I want to do with this blog is to talk more about other areas of health in addition to dentistry because we all know that there’s more to life than dental right? Well… Rhea found this site which happens to be here in San Diego. We have a friend who has a kid with ADD and we think this place could help....

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Listerine: Not Worth The Trouble

If you’re like me, we used whatever was given to us growing up. If it was soap, shampoo, toilet paper, or mouthwash, we pretty much had no choice. And for many years, your choices in mouthwash were either Scope or Listerine. But as awareness of mouthwash has increased, so have your options; however, Listerine still seems to be the brand most people think about when they hear...

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