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A cavitation is an infected hole in your jaw bone

Cavitations — The Silent Killer

You probably already know that having a root canal can be a traumatic experience, but did you realize that by having a root canal, you are automatically put into the category of people who could suffer long term, and none too pleasant effects from the procedure? The same holds true for people who have had tooth extractions, had their wisdom teeth taken out, or have...

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Cysteine Metabolism and Metal Toxicity

Chronic, low level exposure to toxic metals is an increasing global problem. The symptoms associated with the slow accumulation of toxic metals are multiple and rather nondescript, and overt expression of toxic effects may not appear until later in life. The sulfhydryl-reactive metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) are particularly insidious and can affect a vast array of biochemical and nutritional processes. The primary mechanisms by...

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Comparison of the Interaction of Methyl Mercury and Mercuric Chloride with Murine Macrophages

The toxicity of organic methyl mercury was studied on murine macrophages in cell culture and compared to that of inorganic mercuric chloride. Long-term treatment of macrophage cultures with methyl mercury resulted in decreased cell viability in a concentration-dependent fashion. Experiments showed that 20 microM methyl mercury was highly toxic, causing cell death within a few days, while cultures exposed to lower levels were less severely...

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Autism Treatments: Heavy Metal Detoxification and Metallothionein Promotion

Recent developments have been made to promote metallothionein (MT) in the G.I. tract, brain, and elsewhere. This protocol is based on 1,200 published articles describing MT synthesis, activation, and redox mechanisms. A total of 22 nutrients that enhance MT production were identified and tested in informal clinical trials involving staff and volunteer autism families. We found that aggressive zinc loading must precede full-scale MT Promotion...

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Autism: Treatment-Chelation of Mercury

We currently have over 500 autistic patients under treatment with DMSA ranging in age from 1 to 24 years old. In general, we do not expect to see any behavioral, language, or social improvements until at least some of the CNS mercury has been removed. As of 1/15/01, we had 85 patients who had finished DMSA alone and had completed at least 4 months of...

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