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How to Cure Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold? Do you have sensitive spots along your gum line? Does it hurt every time you bite into a spoonful of ice cream? It doesn’t have to! *** [pro-player width=’530′ height=’380′ type=’video’]http://ahdmovies.s3.amazonaws.com/MI Paste Review.m4v[/pro-player] *** Millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity when they don’t have to. There are several over the counter options available to help reduce...

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Product Review: The Best Toothbrush for Children

What’s the best toothbrush for children? If you have kids, what toothbrush should they be using? And what’s the best time to start brushing a child’s teeth? The video below will give you all the answers you need about the best toothbrush for kids (Radius Kidz Toothbrush), when to start brushing and flossing, and why kids need to start early… enjoy! Dr. Marvin America’s Holistic...

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POH Percept NoWax Micro Thin Dental Floss

Proper Flossing Technique… and Product Review: Percept Dental Floss

There are hundreds of options available when it comes to dental floss. But how do you know which one is the best? And once you get the right floss, what’s the proper way to floss your teeth? Flossing is a vital part of good dental hygiene… but it’s a part most people skip. Even if you floss regularly, you could be one of the millions...

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