Infection, Water Fluoridation, & Our Dentistry

Infection, Water Fluoridation, & Our Dentistry

Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin.

In this episode, Dr. Marvin talks about infection, specifically he talks about a recent experience by one of our patients and the outlook we took to ultimately healing his infection. The technology we have here at The Center For Natural Dentistry really allows us to go a step beyond what normally would be possible. We stand by our approach to a healthy natural approach within our dentistry and for our patients.



  1. Fluoridation is a Hoax

    Of course Dr. Marvin is correct that fluoridation is useless and dangerous.

    Read the truth produced in the best scientific information on fluoridation here: ( You will see a petition signed by almost 4000 professionals, including hundreds of dentists, hundreds of doctors, and other medical researchers calling on governments everywhere to stop fluoridation.
    There are many large scientific studies there to show that drinking fluoridated water has no positive effect on cavity reduction and to show that it causes cancer, thyroid damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ and other health problems.

    THe World Health Organization studied 16 countries and showed fluoride is of no value for teeth. Europe has rejected it and is 98% fluoride free. Many other large scientific studies in several countries show the same ineffectiveness.

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