RIP Dr. Hal Huggins

RIP Dr. Hal Huggins

We at the Center for Natural Dentistry were deeply saddened recently to learn that Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS passed away at his home on Saturday, November 29th at the age of 77.  For more than 40 years Dr. Huggins had dedicated his life to educating patients as well as other doctors about the dangers of many traditional dental practices.  He was not only revolutionary in his approach to health and dentistry, but he had the conviction and integrity to stand up for his beliefs in the face of persecution.  He pioneered some of the techniques and methods we still use today.  In fact, his contributions were so great that he is aptly and widely known as the “father of mercury free dentistry” and a founding father of holistic dentistry.

Dr. Huggins had already been practicing dentistry for several years in 1973, when his observations of multiple patients with mercury toxicity prompted him to explore further the health ramifications of mercury amalgam fillings.  This put him on a lifelong journey of asking the questions that no one at the time wanted to ask, and then doing the extensive research and study that it took to answer those questions.  Along the way he received his post-doc master’s degree from the University of Colorado with an emphasis on immunology and toxicology.  Over the years, Dr. Huggins helped bring to light important dental health issues regarding the dangers of root canals, cavitations, autoimmune conditions, and of course, mercury.

At first he tried to change the dangerous status quo through the existing power structure.  This seemed plausible, as Dr. Huggins was already a well regarded, high-profile member of the ADA.  In fact, he was often asked to be a speaker at ADA events.  Sadly, this all changed drastically when Dr. Huggins voiced his concerns and findings to high ranking ADA officials.  He was actually disinvited to future speaking engagements, beginning a 30 year effort to silence and discredit him.

As disheartening as that still is to all of us in the holistic dental community, it also brought to light the greatest indication of Dr. Huggins’ extraordinary character.  The doctor’s passion for healing and compassion for people never allowed him to waver.  In the face of extreme professional and sometimes personal persecution, Dr. Huggins continued to treat patients, continued to research, continued to innovate, and most importantly continued to speak out.

At the time of his death, Dr. Huggins was operating the Huggins Applied Healing center in Colorado.  According to them, ”He devoted his last years to establishing the Huggins Applied Healing center, but his greatest passion was the recent formation of the Dental DNA laboratory. This sophisticated facility specializes in the detection of dangerous, disease-causing DNA that reside within root canals, cavitations, implants, and other oral environments.”

Dr. Huggins will be greatly missed, and his virtually incomparable contributions to the field of holistic dentistry will not be forgotten.  Huggins Applied Healing has stated that, in lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF), 5082 List Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919



  1. In 1988 all of a sudden I began to have serious health issues.I was an arborist and did very physical work as well as dangerous & high climbing some trees 200ft tall.At any given moment I would go totally NUMB my ENTIRE BODY, TURN WHITE AS SNOW & GO BLIND IN ONE EYE. Talk about woe is me. Had wife & 4 children to support. Well i said “Father in heaven if i am to die please let me at least know what from and if i could know what it is and live thru this & be around for my children that would be ok too but at least let me know what is going on please even if i will die.” 1 piece of info led to another and finally To Dr.Hal Huggins in a 2yr span & his book “its its all in your head”i was told i need see a psychiatrist as well and wife of nearly 20yrs turned against me at this time and turned friends against me as well. Well i got my answer was 36yrs old when it started 38yrs When removed mercury according to Dr.Huggins Protocol & Wham Bam Unbelieveable Results! I AM CONVINCED THAT HAD I NOT FOLLOWED HIS RESEARCH & MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVAL ACCORDING TO HIS FINDINGS I WOULD NOT BE ALIVE TODAY.Oh by the way i had gone from 198lbs to 148lbs and weak.Immeadiately the total body numbness stopped,the blindness that would come & go in one eye stopped and 27yrs later still alive.I Thank the CREATOR for MEN & WOMEN like Dr.HAL HUGGINS who have & HAD the COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH & TO BUCK THE CORRUPT SYSTEM THAT CARES MORE ABOUT MONEY & SAVING FACE THAN THEY DO ABOUT HEALTH & LIVES OF OTHERS.

  2. Sorry the failed root canal is on my right jaw and I arthritis in right shoulder.

  3. Dr Hal Huggins is one in a Billion, a real man with real values and real beliefs. I have been following his research since July 2014 as I was diagnosed with Left ventricular Hypotrophy in November 2013 by a Professor of cardiology here in the UK and I had 4 root canals on my left jaw between 2010 and 2011 but the UK dentists swear there is no link at all between your general health and your mouth, need I say anymore. I have a failed root canal on my left jaw which was done in 2006 that they say is suboptimal and i developed arthritis in my right shoulder in 2012. I have been off sick from work for 8 months and I am only 45 but look about 65 according to family yet the dental community swears there is no link. I wanted to fly to the USA and have my mouth and health restored but its just down to the money now. I believe that Dr Huggins is in Heaven with our God and I at least hope to meet him there. My very best wishes to his children and family and may his legend live forever.

  4. Beautiful words spoken for Dr. Huggins. We have lost a genius that was unstoppable with his research of dental health issues.

  5. Thank you very much for the beautiful dedication to Dr.Huggins.

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