Get To The Root Cause!

Get To The Root Cause!

Have you ever wondered why dentists are all rich?

It is because they sell you on treatment when you are most vulnerable… usually when you are in pain.  This pain can manifest itself in several ways: 1) pain of not knowing what will happen to your tooth if you don’t take care of it now.  You may ask, “Will I need to have the tooth pulled and be toothless?”  2)  pain from having to pay for expensive dental work when you don’t have any money for it, or 3) pain from the procedure itself or having to get a 2-inch needle shot in your mouth.  No matter what the pain is, your dentist is willing to just wait in the wings until your problems suddenly appear.

Come in for your semiannual dental cleanings and then, voila, you have a cavity.  “You better get that fixed now or else you will need a crown, root canal, or even worse, an extraction! Oh, and by the way, it will cost you over $2000 to fix that one tooth.”

That symptom, in this case, tooth pain, mixed in with the fear of more pain, more expense, and more time away from better things to do with your time, is all that the dentist needs to “hook” you into having you reach into your pocket, pull out your wallet, and start doing treatment now.

I hate this because this is how my colleagues, other dentists, make their living… by reacting to people’s emotional desires and acting on them by recommending overpriced treatments.

Not only is that a serious problem, but most of the time the dentist is just providing a solution to a symptom and not the root cause.

At the Center for Natural Dentistry, we have a whole different approach.  Our patients see the value in finding the root cause of the problems/symptoms.  We instead ask the more difficult questions to answer like, “Why did this start in the first place?”

From there, we co-diagnose with the patients and devise a plan to not only get rid of the symptoms but also eliminate the root cause of that symptom and other symptoms yet to come up.

Why is this important?  Because it is always more expensive, more painful, and more unpredictable to deal with symptoms later.

Ever wonder why oncologists (cancer doctors) are always busy recommending radiation, drug, and surgical therapies for people diagnosed with cancer?  Because the patient is now motivated to do something.  Both the doctor and the patient are more focused on the treatments and eliminating the symptoms than asking the question of why did this occur.  This is the exact reason why there are so many groups raising money for the symptom-fighting drugs and not on creating awareness to the many causes of cancer.  It is a money business where companies brainwash you into believing that more money is needed for research on the pharmaceuticals when the real winners are the drug companies and their shareholders.

The bottom line is: stop being so reactive to symptoms.  Don’t fall victim to the unscrupulous dentists who sit on their hands until you are motivated by the symptoms.  Be proactive and find a dentist or any practitioner that believes in solving the root cause and start talking about how to prevent these processes from getting worse.

Smart people ask better questions.  Be smart when choosing your dentist.


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