Ceramic Dental Implant Front Tooth Example

This patient did not like the look of her fake tooth in the front of her mouth.  It was a root-canal treated tooth that was giving her problems, and she wanted to have it taken out.  She decided against a denture and a bridge to replace the tooth.  We recommended a ceramic dental implant for the best aesthetics.  Ceramic dental implants are white as opposed to silver/gray/chrome on titanium implants.  Though there are such things as ceramic zirconium abutments that can be placed on titanium implants, sometimes the gums are so thin that the metal implant can still show through the gums.

On the first image, the x-ray, it shows the root canal treated tooth in the front.  We successfully extracted the tooth without damaging the neighboring teeth, removing any necessary bone (buccal bone), but still removing the infected bone caused by the dead tooth.  During the healing phase (without using a bone graft), the gums were “molded” into an egg-shape to mimic the contours of natural gums.

After implant placement, the gums were again molded into place with a ceramic temporary crown.

Crown placement was successful and the patient was extremely happy with the cosmetic result and the fact that she didn’t have to place any dark metal implant in her mouth.

A 3D X-ray, also known as a Conebeam CT scan, was used in this case as the guided implant surgery techniques were utilized.



  1. It would be nice if there were photos included here.
    I broke my front tooth off at the gumline they are recommending a root canal which I feel is a bad idea, so I’m researching my options. If you guys were up here in Canada I’d be in your office in hearbeat. If you have colleagues up here, do let me know!

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