For Better Health: Why You Should Consider Visiting a Holistic Dentist

For Better Health: Why You Should Consider Visiting a Holistic Dentist

You might have heard of holistic dentistry, but you also might not really have a good idea of just what this is. In a nutshell, holistic dentistry is the type of dentistry where dentists attempt to use a holistic or a more natural approach to treat their patients.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t utilize any technologies or modern medicine. Rather, it means that they just take a wider outlook on their approach to their dental practice, and that outlook ends up offering you numerous benefits.

Overall Health

Perhaps one of the most advantageous aspects about going to a holistic dentist is that they take into consider the health of your whole body rather than just your mouth. Your oral health affects your overall health, so it only makes sense that the way your teeth are treated will affect the rest of your body as well.

While holistic dentists conduct the same dental treatments that regular dentists do, such as cleaning teeth, filling cavities and making dental implants and bridges, they consider how their procedures will affect the body as a whole. They take into consider diet, lifestyle and mental and emotional health in their treatment methods.

Minimize Harmful Chemicals

Because holistic dentists consider the body as a whole, they try to minimize using technology that emits harmful chemicals into your body. For instance, they stay away from all products containing mercury in favor of dental appliances that are made from more natural substances. Instead of using a traditional amalgam to fill a patient’s tooth, a holistic dentist will not use the mercury-filled amalgam. Instead, he or she will use one made from porcelain or another type of material that doesn’t contain mercury.

No Fluoride

For the most part, holistic dentists don’t use fluoride in their practices. While fluoride has long been used to cleanse bacteria from the mouth, it’s also been proven to have potentially harmful effects on the body and mouth. Instead, holistic dentists tend to opt for more herbal remedies when possible.

For instance, they might administer cranial massages to help deal with pain rather than prescribing a potentially addicting prescription medication. This not only decreases the amount of toxic chemicals the patient is exposed to, but it decreases what the staff and environment is exposed to as well.

Safeguarding your oral health doesn’t have to be at the expense of your overall wellbeing. Seek a holistic dentist in San Diego, like those from the Center for Natural Dentistry, and experience a holistic treatment for your dental problems.

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