About Us

The Center for Natural Dentistry is a premier dental practice in Encinitas that is dedicated to providing patients with top-class holistic and natural dental care. Since we opened our doors in 2009, we have become a trusted source for dental care in Encinitas and the surrounding areas within San Diego County.

Optimal health starts and ends within the oral cavity. Unlike other dentists, Dr. Marvin Pantangco, DDS treats the whole person, not just their teeth and gums. This helps our patients minimize their risk of developing medical conditions that affect the rest of the body, leading to a lifetime of smiles.

Our Beginning

Because there was a need for alternative, holistic dentistry, Dr. Marvin – a qualified and experienced licensed dentist – was drawn to helping people achieve health through dentistry.

Not unlike its medical counterparts, dentistry is very traditional. It is founded on the basis that disease is unhealthy and treatments are needed to combat the problem or at least stop its progression.

Dr. Marvin, for years, has treated others using this typical belief. However, it was not until Dr. Marvin himself became holistic did he realize and understand a more holistic approach to dentistry and wellness in general.

In 2008, Dr. Marvin looked for a dentist who was holistic and provided the type of services he desired… safe mercury removal, aggressive non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical gum therapies, and use of biocompatible dental materials. To his dismay, he did not find any to his liking.

That’s how Dr. Marvin’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him into envisioning a dental practice focused on natural, holistic dentistry.

In January 2009, the Center for Natural Dentistry opened to serve the people in Encinitas and the surrounding areas including San Diego County.

Holistic and Natural Office

In line with our holistic and natural dental care views, we are proud to let patients know that The Center for Natural Dentistry is a mercury-free, fluoride-free, and metal-free dental office. Furthermore, our dentist offers treatments that are environmentally friendly, assuring you that you are achieving optimal overall health at the expense of Mother Nature.

Why Encinitas, San Diego, California?

Quite simply, Encinitas is home to many holistic families and health practitioners.

“I wanted to be where there’s a greater population that need this type of dentistry… with a caring touch of course.” Dr. Marvin says.

Get in Touch Today

Interested to learn more about us? Are you ready to set an appointment? You may call us at 760-536-1199. You may also send us a message through our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal overall health.


  1. Lynn Johnson Says: April 11, 2019 at 6:13 am

    I live in Southeastern Virginia (near the North Carolina border) and have 3 wisdom teeth removed (one left in that replaced a 12 yr molar that was removed as a child) and root canals on teeth 2 and 15. The drill bit was broke off and left in #2 when I had it done in 1997 (and was never told). Is there a dentist in my area that you would recommend?

  2. I am impressed with your video and character. I need implants for missing and problem teeth. I need a minimum of 5 implants. I prefer zirconia but from a secure specialist. I have a panoramic xray and photos. I will send a 3d if requested, which is appreciated to save an extra trip from Hawaii just for an exam would be costly. Please email me and I will email you the information. Thank you. Ken

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  6. Once a person has root canal work done. Is there any way to detect & treat infection at the base of a root canal tooth without surgical intervention. I would like to know what your thoughts are on this topic. Do you know any holistic dentist in Texas you would recommend.

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