Cosmetic Dentistry

Ceramic Dental Implant Front Tooth Example

This patient did not like the look of her fake tooth in the front of her mouth.  It was a root-canal treated tooth that was giving her problems, and she wanted to have it taken out.  She decided against a denture and a bridge to replace the tooth.  We recommended a ceramic dental implant for the best aesthetics.  Ceramic dental implants are white as opposed to...

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Sensitive teeth might be a sigh you need to see your dentist. There are treatments.

Answers to Sensitive Teeth

If hot coffee or cold ice-cream leave you wincing in anticipation of pain; when sensitive teeth stop you from choosing sweet or sour treats, it may be time to see your dentist about hypersensitive teeth. Even occasionally, if foods, drinks or a breath of fresh air hurt your teeth, it’s time to take action. When you have hyper-sensitive teeth even brushing and flossing can make...

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Four Big Dental Myths Dispelled

Crushing The Top Four Dental Myths There are a lot of places to get bad information, partial information or just completely made up information on just about any topic. Myths about what makes a healthy mouth are especially numerous. A multitude of ways to have great teeth and keep them healthy seem veiled in mystery and chance. While it is true that some patients are...

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Example of Ceramic Dental Implant tooth restoration.

Dental Restorations Pros and Cons of Implants

Top Ten Reasons To Get a Dental Implant Current statistics estimate that 69% of all adults have suffered the loss of at least one permanent, adult tooth. After the loss of any tooth, even one that is not conspicuously missing from an otherwise bright smile, your dentist will likely encourage considering options for replacement. Replacing a lost tooth can restore a smile and keep other...

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