Meridian Tooth Chart — Revised and Updated!

Revised and updated to be easier to use, this Tooth Meridian Chart shows you further that the mouth and body are interconnected. Problems in the teeth can have a direct influence on another organ (or organs) in the body.

No matter what you think about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels or pathways), and chi (energy), you should give this ancient method of diagnosis and treatment a chance. It has been used for thousands of years and is still used and taught to students all over the world.

If you believe in this work or not, take a few seconds to review this meridian tooth chart and see if you notice a link between your teeth and other parts of your body.

Unfortunately, holistic dentistry and looking in the mouth is typically a “last resort” approach to treating chronic illnesses. We at the Center For Natural Dentistry will gladly help people achieve health, though we prefer people come to us first BEFORE problems or symptoms persist.

Just click a tooth below to see which teeth and organs are on the same meridian.

For More Information…

If you are having a problem related to something you have found on the meridian tooth chart, we may have the answer on the dental side. Check out posts on Alternatives to Root Canals, Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings, or just take a look at our Natural Dentistry FAQs. We strive to continually update and add information to our website, but sometimes the best place to stay up to date is on our Facebook page: Natural Dentistry on Facebook.

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  1. Gordon Quinlan Says: February 18, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    I had problems with my teeth for years and have had three dentists recommend extractions. The last one wanted to remove 9 teeth. I went to a highly recommended periodontist who said bull shit. We just need to clean and disinfect the gums, and take good care of hygiene. I stopped eating sugar, and started brushing, flossing and mouthwashing (with drugstore alcohol-based mouthwash) after every meal, and seeing the periodontist for deep cleaning regularly. That was about 15 years ago. Still got all my teeth, and I’m doing fine.

  2. I was told by the Pedi dentist that my 5 year old needs 10 fillings and a root canal. Nearly passed out with the news as we eat a very clean diet spring and summer were 85% raw vegan fall and winter cooked vegan.
    Im at a loss of what to do. Weve been swishing with coconut oil for about a month now twice daily for ab 15 minute’s. As well as topically using clove oil on the cavities.
    No big signs of improvement though.His appointments are coming up and im sweating bullets. From reading this it sounds like extracting the tooth they want to root canal is a better idea? Should we keep on with this diet and our cleaning routine for the cavities??

    • Supplementing with vit k2 and d3 are massivily supportive and calcium citrate in child suitable doses.

    • That sounds a little crazy. A five-year-old doesn’t even have permanent teeth yet. There’s no deep root to do a root canal on.

    • Take your child to a holistic/biological dentist real soon, even if it involves traveling a few hours. Mine is over an hour’s drive away from my home but well worth it. DO NOT tell your child’s current pediatric dentist that you are changing your child’s dentist and that you are seeking the advice of a holistic/biological dentist. The holistic/biological dentist does not have to be a pediatric dentist.

      One thing is for certain NEVER allow any mercury in the child’s mouth (or yours either) and if the child has any mercury/amalagam in his mouth have it removed immediately by this particular type of dentist. Unfortunately, most dental insurance does not cover mercury removal. Also Google how to tell if a dentist is really holistic/biological or just claiming to be so that your child gets the best possible and safest treatment. Do your research. Mercury in the mouth weakens and suppresses the immune system. Mainstream dentists will tell you otherwise but don’t believe them. Go to a holistic/biological dentist even if you’re out of pocket for costs. You will not regret it.

  3. I’ve been dealing with multiple issues over the past 6 months related to reatreatment of a root canal on a molar (e.g two root canals on one tooth – twenty years apart) that have resulted in in an emergency tooth extraction on Monday. At my young age of 41, I have had over 5 root canals already, including 2 re-treatment procedures.

    I’m scared, perplexed, and frustrated of the effects of these actions on my overall health. I feel the infection is still present, and, after 4 different antibiotics and adjusting the bite of the crown, I’m struggling to understand the best course of action moving forward as I troubleshoot this with three different medical professionals (dentist, endodontist, oral surgeon). Thank you for this link, as I need to read more information about these issues, from as many different perspectives as possible to make the best decision about what-to-do next.

    In the past six months, I’ve experienced radiating pain along my jaw, chin, and ear bone; been dizzy; sustained inflamed joints in my wrists and ankles, sinus infections, ear pain, loss of energy, bad taste in my mouth, etc. I noticed increased pain if I dare drink a soda, so I felt there must have been a crack or leak that was undetected. The treatment measures have been conservative, trying to pinpoint the issues because the 2d X-ray showed everything was fine. Finally the pressure came to a head on Sunday night, and I demanded the 3d X-ray be moved up.

    It showed my tooth was cracked in two different places, underneath the cap. When the oral surgeon pulled #17 out of my mouth after catscan, the tooth came apart in chards. He also knocked the cap of the adjacent tooth off that root canal, and while awaiting the permanent re-seating of that cap, I lost it somehow, not sure if I swallowed it or what.

    I am so exhausted and nauseated, I’ve been sleeping in bed all week. This is making difficult to take care of my 3 children and perform my essential duties as stay-at-home mom for my entrepreneurial husband.

    I know in my gut, that this is not the end of my pain, but I don’t know what to do next or the most effective course of action, since I’m dealing with 3 different professionals who give me bits and pieces of info at time. I’ve been relying on their professional judgement and tried to be an advocate for myself, but it’s a constant battle.

    The cost of everything is on my mind too, so I’m trying to figure out how to make sense of everything — before it becomes another emergency -and – without going into tons of debt to understand what’s happening to my body. I’ve already spent a lot of money and time on root canal treatment, caps, patches, to complete this process on five different teeth. I feel like they’re dominos, one falls, and the the next, and the next. This Meridian chart is insightful to me regarding this feeling.

    At any rate, thanks for this link and for providing another important perspective on a perplexing issue.

    I don’t know what to do next, so I’m paralyzed in my decision-making (e.g. is the ongoing pain inflammation from work that needs to heal -or- is it signs of continued infection at the bone level). I feel like my only solution now is to read as much info as possible.

    Again, thank you for sharing your perspective on these issues.

    • Try Lazer gum therapy. Many people have leftover bad bacteria (can’t remember the name) hanging out at the roots, and don’t know it. Products containing neem are good, also. Try and stay away from fluoride, too. It’s highly toxic to the human body.

    • Your going to want to get all root canal teeth removed by a biological dentist who knows what they are doing. Enjoy the recovery process after this, you will start to feel heaven again.

    • Elle Macinata Says: January 16, 2018 at 9:56 am

      Hi Liz, I’m working on the aftermath of a root canal (at age 25 by the school of dentistry in San Francisco – which I believe was unnecessary). The tooth (left eye tooth) finally split vertically (at age 70) and I had it extracted. In the process of attempting to have a dental implant into that gap, I ran into trouble with an infection between the gum and the bone that was grafted in. This is common. The dentist (an amazing surgeon who uses ozone gas, ozone water, and ozone oil in all parts of his practice) was disappointed because he did insist I take broad-spectrum antibiotics at intervals during the implant process. So, now I have the titanium screw implanted and the bone graft completed. But I have this persistent infection draining from a hold on the front of my gum above where the tooth used to be. So, since I know a bit about infections I contacted a laboratory at the Eliava Phage Therapy Center in the country Georgia (formerly a part of the soviet union). This is a therapy center that helped customers who had MRSA infection and were unable to resolve these infections in the USA. So, I asked my dentist to make a sample of the infection, and we packed it and shipped it by 2-day FEDEX to Georgia. Eliava received my sample just before Christmas and cultured and analyzed it and they found Streptococcus Mitis. This is a common oral bacteria which likes to attach to dental surfaces. It is not killed or controlled by most antibiotics. I then planned to purchase bacteria phages (the natural virus that kill bacteria). I was told they didn’t have a phage for that one and would have to breed a custom phage. They could do that, but there would be a wait of 2-3 months as they had many other people already in the queue. The cost would be about $4000.00. This has been a blow to my plan. I am still involved in conversation with them, however … The reason I’m telling this to you is … you may not have the same type of bacteria that I have. Eliava has mixtures (they call they phage cocktails) of the more common bacteria that are available. The cost for these are about $2300. The phages are the natural predator of bacteria. For each bacteria there is a phage. The phage hunts the bacteria, injects its dna or rna into the bacteria, and then 200 or so baby phages breed within that bacteria, and then burst it open, killing it. They go forth and each finds another of the only bacteria that they can breed in, they kill in those 200 bacteria and (200×200) new baby phages go forth and this process continues until all the bacteria are killed within your system. The phages then go dormant unless that bacteria re-emerges. Your body excretes them. They cannot damage human cells because they can only enter a particular bacteria. So, if you have the bacteria coming from these teeth analyzed, your would know which phages to get. The Eliava lab is very good at this type of analysis. American labs frequently do not do the job … as I found out from customers with MRSA who also had additional infections that our labs did NOT detect. Eliava did detect all the infections and sent phages that worked to clear up the infections, sometimes saving organs. Now, the infection that I have, S. Mitis, is the main bacteria that causes endocarditis (a heart infection) so I have to eliminate it, I cannot wait. For you, Eliava charged me $100 for the lab work. The shipping cost almost the same amount. But it is worth it to know what microbes you have. AND, even if the microbe becomes drug resistant, as they do after many rounds of antibiotics, the phages still kill them, as they mechanically burst them apart. Here’s a link that explains phage therapy and it’s on Eliava’s website so you can see much. Hope this helps

  4. Danette Greenage Says: July 3, 2017 at 5:35 am

    My son had a “baby” root canal done when he was 3. At the time, we had no idea that what were were doing was bad. We then took him at the age of 5 to someone advertising to be a holistic dentist and it was removed. That same visit he also received 5 composite fillings. I am now worried because the more I read about root canals and fillings I see we just keep messing up with this child’s mouth. My question is does a baby root canal have to be cleaned out in the same manner as an adult’s or does the new tooth that will come in push it out? Also, do sealants that are applied to children’s teeth wear off at some point or do they need to be removed if we are worried about BPA and Fluoride?

    Thank you for the site and information!!! Sure wish I had of know all of this several years ago.

    • Elle Macinata Says: January 16, 2018 at 10:00 am

      Hey … I had sealants put on my son’s teeth when he was about 6. Unfortunately they have an estrogenic effect on boys. I wish I had learned that BEFORE I had it done. At this point I feel that the modern “health care” system is VERY DANGEROUS. I’m not sure about the “baby root canal” … the biologic dentist probably knows about that.

  5. Tyler Ess Says: June 13, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Last August, I had a Abscess tooth extracted, beforehand I semi-knew the price I paid but didn’t fully realize until it was removed, I suddenly felt those nerves being ripped from my chest or stomach. I felt chest pain lasted 1 or 2 seconds, then went away, but off and on it stayed, now last October my left side (breast bone) is in pain. I re grate what my mom had me do (she didn’t do any research on the consequences, My mood dropped drastically. Not to mention, I have MS, had it for 9 yrs.

  6. Mary Ann Callahan Says: June 12, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    I had both top wisdom teeth removed and each molar next to these to wisdom teeth extracted. I educated myself about root canals and did not want any dead teeth in my mouth. I feel a little better. Especially my sinuses. But how does this effect my body? My meridians?

  7. Hello, any information on silver fillings causing issues within the meridians? I have silver fillings in both #14 and #15 from childhood and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a young adult. If this could be related, what should I do?

    • Sheli, you will be hard pressed to find any scientific evidence, only anecdotal evidence. Your best bet is to find out if you are allergic/sensitive to mercury then have the fillings removed properly. It could be related or it could not. Look at it from a toxicity view and get rid of the toxins if you are being affected by them. Trying to correlate the fillings with meridians is setting yourself up for failure. Dr. Marvin

  8. Veronica Says: May 16, 2017 at 5:47 pm


    My 11y old daughter’s molar became so bad that the dentist suggested either to do root canal or remove the tooth. What are other options if I wold like to keep her tooth? Firstly I thought that to remove it would be more convenient as there will be no infection but now when I realised that teeth are connected with organs and meridians it may not be the best decision. What would you advice?

    • Try as much raw diet etc. fruits and veggies, singing, if that doesn’t heal it over time which it should, get extracted. Never get a root canal they are the work of pure evil and will ruin lives.

    • Elle Macinata Says: January 16, 2018 at 10:05 am

      Check with an expert … that would be a doctor of oriental medicine. He or she can evaluate how the meridian connected to that tooth is doing. It is my experience that the meridians effect the teeth. That would mean that the meridian that goes through that tooth may be weak. That would be why that tooth is compromised. The tooth degeneration is a symptom of the meridian problem.

  9. connor stewart Says: April 21, 2017 at 10:27 am

    what body parts are related to the teeth

  10. How does the teeth affect the ears or dentistry?? Which tooth is associated with the ears. My husband has terrible tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and trying despartely trying to finding some relief for him! Thank you so much for anyone’s advice or response

  11. Everyone says NO to root canals but now what do you do if it’s too late? Finding out this information now is too late, what do you do after the fact??

    • Kelly, DId anyone ever answer your question?

    • I was told that I need to have imy root canal tooth removed.

    • Kelly. If doing a root canal keeps a dead tooth connected to your body, then over time it isn’t good for your overall health (if it hasn’t already). So it is up to you and your health care professionals to determine if or when to do treatment for the root canaled tooth. And to be clear, once a root canal is done, you cannot undo it. Dr. Marvin

    • How dinI get my one root canal removed safely?

  12. I find this so interesting and I am a dental hygienist. What is the thought for implants? Are they ok? Just don’t like to see no options for tooth replacement especially if it’s anterior.

    • connor stewart Says: April 21, 2017 at 10:29 am


    • D. Beiss Says: May 5, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      I dontbknow but is steel postscput in bone attractscany thing wireless electronic electricity causing othervissues. I knowcsince my nros post he has hesrt palpitations when crossing bybelectric towers esp if on a cell phone
      You tell me.

  13. My mouth is full of root canals and crowns. what would you do to fix this and what is your way of replacing a tooth? Do you then make a partial or false teeth?

    • Penni, There are way too many options (biocompatibility, location in mouth, function, esthetics, durability etc) to make a recommendation without a full exam and radiographs. That’s why you need to find a dentist that understands any and all options for you. Sorry for being so vague but there are way too many variables. Dr. Marvin

  14. Hi there!

    I have been told that my daughter needs braces. This requires the removal of 4 healthy premolars and also some oral surgery to pull a canine tooth up from below the gum.

    What effect does the removal of healthy premolars have on the associated meridians.

    I would deeply appreciate a prompt reply, if at all possible.

    thank you

    • Sarah Mirelli Says: January 19, 2017 at 12:11 am

      Please, do not let ANYONE remove your daughters molars. Her mood and her appearance will change drastically and for worse. Please go to the website claiming power, look up Raymond Silkman and read his website, and find a more holistically minded orthodontist who will NOT remove molars, which are entire organs. This horrible orthodontic practice ruins people’s lives. I have had issues from my orthodontics for 20 years and eventually lost my opera career because my bite and neck got so far off. These days, there are excellent orthodontists who use things like an ALF device and damon braces to widen the palate. The removal of healthy teeth will not only damage meridians, but also can be a disaster neuro-muscularly. Don’t worry, lots of great people out there. Try calling Anna Patras or Barry Raphael (REALLY nice man) in New Jersey for referrals to someone in your area.

      • Sarah Mirelli Says: January 19, 2017 at 12:12 am

        daughter’s — sorry for the typos, writing quickly.

      • My son has cervical instability ( whiplash )
        Type injury . He has 3 impacted wisdom teeth
        Causing havoc . Afraid neck will get worse
        From extraction trauma . Dentist removed
        Upper ( bottom two remain ) and he feels worse .
        Please let me know your thoughts on this

    • That sounds pretty dam extreme. Why would you need to remove all those healthy teeth for braces. Use your head, does that sound right to you? I’m tired of you lazy ass parents not doing any research and just taking their word without question.You posted this because something is so glaringly wrong and your subconcious is screaming at you don’t do it!!

      • Just to clarify, so if you had your wisdom teeth removed (unfortunately) then I am assuming you’d start counting your bottom molars are 31 as an example on the bottom right? Thanks so much great info!

      • You sir, are an idiot. Lazy? Really? Geezus.

    • joe wortell Says: April 18, 2017 at 10:53 am

      Look in to a DNA appliance ! Don’t let them pull

  15. Angela Farless Says: December 28, 2016 at 9:59 am

    I cannot see entire page. No way to move to see entire page .Help please interested

  16. Every time I see a tooth-organ chart I wonder whether it is numbered from a dentist’s perspective looking down into the mouth or from my perspective as the owner. I.e., whose left and whose right????? Can someone in the know clarify?

    • It’s really both. It’s from the “owner’s” perspective. The right side is the right side of your own mouth. You’ll notice that the chart above is shown from the perspective of the dentist. As he or she looks into your mouth, the right side of your teeth will be on their left. Hope that helps!

    • Dentists perspective
      #1 is your upper right 3 rd molar ( wisdom tooth)
      16 is your upper left
      17 is your lower left
      32 is yourlower right

    • It is numbered from a frontal point of view.
      The dentist looks at you.
      Under you right eye is the first quadrant in the upper jaw, under the left eye the second, lower left side of the jaw is the third quadrant, right lower jaw is the fourth quadrant. It is from the viewer’s point of view from the front, not from the owner’s.

      Love and Light
      Leslie DDS, MSc.

    • I had wisdom teeth removed as they were growing into the back of my head; I have found out that I have another set beneath that will probably never surface…

  17. […] Narz?dy i z?by maj? wzajemne powi?zania porównywalne do uk?adu punktów refleksorycznych na tu?owiu i na stopach. Dysfunkcje lub zaburzenia funkcjonalne w obr?bie narz?du wewn?trznego maj? odbicie w postaci os?abienia z?bów, przylegaj?cych do nich dzi?se?, a tak?e pobliskich b?on surowiczych. Oczywi?cie z?b mo?e bole? bez koreluj?cej dysfunkcji narz?du tj. dzieje si? to np. w przypadku zapalenia dzi?s?a. Zale?no?? ta dzia?a oczywi?cie w obie strony. Ból w obr?bie struktur trzewnych lub zaburzenie ich funkcji mo?e wynika? z uszkodzenia z?ba i aby skutecznie przeprowadzi? terapi? w obr?bie struktur wisceralnych musimy najpierw upora? si? z wyleczeniem z?ba lub dzi?s?a. Po??czenia te t?umaczy si? wyst?powaniem meridianów energetycznych w tradycyjnej medycynie chi?skiej – wi?cej na ten temat: Tutaj […]

  18. Is there a way to save this page to Pinterest?

  19. […] Chinese medicine, our teeth are connected to meridians which correspond to organs of the body and even emotions! In alopathic dentistry, it’s been […]

  20. […] Chinese medicine, our teeth are connected to meridians which correspond to organs of the body and even emotions! In alopathic dentistry, it’s been […]

  21. I tried to download the Tooth Chart App. Does not exist. Love this page, helped me make some important decisions. Looks like I have an extraction in my future.

    • Me too! Hard to believe I am really looking forward to it! I have had bad neck problems for over 8 years. They start out of the blue, doctors did not have a clue.(I did have a root canal a few months before problems started!)

      • serena lembach Says: September 11, 2016 at 8:49 am

        Tom, I nearly died from a root canal. I had the tooth pulled out after 9 months of laryngitis, sinus, pneaumonia, breasts so sore I couldn’t sleep on them, and knees that suddenly were horribly painful.I really felt I was dying; I had had to quit all my usual extracurricular activities..There are many sources, but off hand, you can look at Dr. and search root canals for a comprehensive article. NO ROOT CANALS EVER!

  22. If there is a chronic swollen gum pocket between two teeth (in this case 5 and 6 R) how does one determine the culprit?

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